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Thank you for digging into this so thoroughly. You are obviously committed to doing a superior job of quoting these parts, and we appreciate it.

                     -Project Engineer

                      Sanford, NC

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Commitment to Quality

One of today's biggest challenges is keeping your production moving. And one of the quickest ways to halt production is with a batch of nonconforming parts. If nonconforming parts are giving you recurring headaches, why not let USA Dutch be the cure?

Quality by the numbers
USA Dutch Dutch’s quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Our acceptability rating for parts and assemblies shipped to customers consistently averages above 99%. While we have systems in place to help achieve this performance, a culture that strives for perfection is just as important. The results speak for themselves – quality you can measure and systems you can trust.
The Personal Touch 
When it comes to quality, numbers and systems are only part of the story. Just as critical is communication. For each new part or assembly, your USA Dutch account manager will make sure to thoroughly understand all your requirements and expectations. If questions do arise later, during engineering or production, we will contact you to make sure we get everything right the first time.

This level of communication is just one advantage of the USA Dutch personal touch – it's more than just service, it's a relationship. Our staff is always friendly and accommodating, and attentive to your needs. And if a problem arises, we shine there too. If a quality issue arises you can expect a quick response and decisive resolution. It’s all part of the USA Dutch personal touch.


Quality is more than just meeting specifications

Gary – fabricator since 1977 and still going strong
The primary definition of a quality part or assembly is that it meets specifications. First and foremost, it has to conform to the print; it has to fit properly; it has to be everything you expect it to be.
But true quality is more than just meeting specifications. At USA Dutch, we take enormous pride in our work. A part has to look good; you have to feel good about it. When you see a part or assembly made by USA Dutch, we want you to say, "Wow, that's a nice-looking part!" That's the reaction we're after – quality you can feel.
Without quality, nothing else matters. If high-quality sheet metal components and sheet metal products are what you are looking for, USA Dutch promises you...
Quality you can measure. Quality you can feel.
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