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USA Dutch was not the low bidder. However, we appreciate your service and the quality of your work and believe the overall package represents the best value. Thank you for working up such a large number of quotes in such a short time.

                         - Customer

                       Triad Area, NC

Happy employees equals happy customers

Fabrication Capabilities


Large-company capabilities. Large-company performance. Small-company service.

USA Dutch has grown to be a fair-sized metalworking company.  Here’s what you get when you enter into a relationship with us:
  • 50+ employees dedicated to your success

  • 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space

  • Up-to-date technology featuring a broad array of CNC fabrication equipment – lasers, punches, press brakes, hardware assembly, and full MIG welding and TIG welding capabilities

  • Two CNC machining centers, giving you the option of using one metalworking shop for both your CNC fabrication and CNC machining needs

We can take your electronic drawings in almost any format.  We can do prototype fabrication for you.  We can have your parts painted, plated, and silkscreened.

When it comes to performance, our lead times are very good and our quality is outstanding.  You will find USA Dutch to be a reliable partner who takes your worries away.  


USA Dutch is not as small as it used to be.  The spirit of our employees and the confidence of our customers have allowed us to grow over the years.  But we still have that small company mind-set.  We are still as responsive and as flexible as we always were.

CNC punching is among our many capabilities
And what sets us apart continues to be our customer service.  We give you all the individual attention you want and deserve.  With USA Dutch, you get a supplier who is genuinely interested in your success.  We call it the USA Dutch personal touch.  Our aim is to make your life easy, to be a pleasure to work with.

This, then, is USA Dutch's proposition to you:


Large-company capabilities.  Large-company performance.

Small-company service and spirit.

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