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I have a new name for you guys, USA Clutch; you always perform in the "clutch".


                    Central NC

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Powder Coat Finishing

USA Dutch continues to invest in technology that brings value in terms of world class quality, and service to our customers.  Our new Powder Coat System is now in operation, and will increase our capability to meet the needs of the industry.   USA Dutch is committed to being vertically integrated in all aspects of the fabrication/finishing process.
In-House Powder Coating:

535’ Automatic Conveyor Process Line

  • GAT 4-Stage Alkaline Wash System

  • GFS Powder Paint Booth

  • GEMA Powder Guns

  • Internal Gas-Fired Bake Oven

Nordson Powder Batch Booth

Powder Coating Facility

USA Dutch – for serious metal fabrication technology. Includes the USA Dutch Personal Touch at no extra cost.

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